Readers' Voices

<Ms. I, Australia>

It's wonderful. The most important thing about begin Japanese is to learn about Japan. I would tell that to my child when I become a mother. Keep good work!!

<Ms. F, Children's Nurse, Japan>

The kids in my class just love these cards. After reading the stories, I took them to the shrine nearby, and we had such a good time. Can't wait for the sequels too.

<Ms. S, English Language School Manager, Kobe, Japan>

The stories and illustrations are very popular especially with small children. It would be even better if there was a bigger size of the cards for the class use.

<Ms. H, Japan>

It 's great because it is made easy for even kids to read the stories.

These Kojiki picture cards have the stories about gods with cute illustrations that you should know as Japanese. Only traditional Japanese colors are used for the cards and they look so beautiful. In addition, the stories are written both in Japanese and English. 

I definitely recommend these to moms with small children. 

The picture cards are used like this in the world!!

<Ms. O, USA>

The Kojiki picture cards are small enough(B6 size) to carry any where you go, so you can just take them out and enjoy a picture card show when kids get board or tired from shopping for example.

Anyone who reads the cards can be a great story teller with these cards. Great!!


<Ms. K, USA>

This is a picture card show that was done in an office of a Japanese company of New York.

All the grow-ups are listening to the stories very seriously.

<In Switzerland>

This boy has lined up the cards just like a train!!

Boys love trains, don't they?



Well, does he remember the right order of the cards?

Just move around the cards and try to get them in the right order.



Hope he will come visit us in Japan someday!!

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Publication Launch Party

The year 2012 marked the 1300th anniversary of the completion of the Kojiki. In December of the same year, Supermom Japan was able to publish its first Kojiki picture cards supported by many supporters.


We never forget 3.11

Supermom Japan keeps sending our books to some of the libraries in the areas hit by the Great East Japan Earthquake. We hope these books reach children and their mothers of Tohoku.


First collaboration with Awa Kojiki Research Institute

Awa Kojiki Resarch Institute has more than a thousand members all over Japan. We invited Mr. Mimura of the institute and organized his lecture about the Kojiki. From babies to elderly people gathered to join this event. Naomi presented the story of "The Birth of Japan" using the picture cards in English.


Happy 3rd Anniversary!!

February 11 is the anniversary of Supermom Japan.

We appreciate all your support.

We will keep creating our original bilingual educational materials.


Opening of Eigo-no-Terakoya

In April, we opened Eigo-no-Terakoya, a small private immersion school. Children learn reading, writing, abacus and Japanology. The classes are given both English and Japanese using all-English or bilingual texts.

Supermom Japanのバイリンガル教材で遊んでいる写真を送ってください!!