What are the Kojiki picture cards?


The Kojiki picture cards are the picture cards that show and tell you Japanese mythology in the Kojiki. These picture cards are written in very simple Japanese and English. If you are not familiar with hiragana, you can just read the English texts to follow what is going on in the stories. We hope the materials will help you connect with Japan and that someday you will pass these stories on to the next generation.

How can I play with the cards?


Here are the 3 basic ways of playing with the cards. The introduction of other card games comes in a box when you get the picture cards. You can even create your own ways to enjoy playing with them!

  • Kamishibai: Use the big cards as Kamishibai (a picture-card show) by showing the picture side to your audience while you read the back. 
  • Picture Book: Read the story side of the big cards which have small black&white pictures. This turns the big cards into a picture book. You can punch a hole in a card and clip all the cards with a ring. 
  • Karuta: Use the big or small cards for Karuta (a traditional Japanese card game) in which one person calls out some description or a word about a card, and the other players try to grab its matching card as fast as possible.

What's in the box?




Inside the box, there are more than just picture cards! For example, in the box of Vol.1, there are: 22 picture cards, picture card playing instructions, a little booklet of Q&A about the Kojiki and Its Contents”one coloring card, stickers and information of Japanese holidays and the 24 sekki.