We are the Kojiki Project Team Members


Founder of Supermom Japan

Ohraimono or textbook Creator



Born in Kagawa. Creats Japan-themed English-Japanese educational materials and goods. Sometimes teaches English too.

Mamaterasu did not like English at all but changed her mind when she visited New Zealand and met her host-mother when she was 20. She made up her mind to learn English harder and flew to Canada. Gradually she obtained an International TESOL Diploma at Vancouver Community College.


In and out of Japan, she had gained lots of work experience and finally gained a teaching position at Cyber University. In 2010, she came back to Kagawa and made her own brand "Supermom Japan" in the following year.


*TESOL=Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)


English Advisor




Born in Canada. Translator.


Cathy translated Hans Christian Anderson Awarded book "Guardian of the Spirit (Moribito) written by Nahoko  Uehashi.


She met Mamaterasu many years ago by accident at a local event site. Mamaterasu talked to her when she was taking photos and never knew Cathy was a professional translator, which she had been hoping to see at the time. 


Cathy understands Mamaterasu's concepts and perspective deeply and helped her write English texts.


乗松 真也

Editorial Supervisor






Shinya views the world of the Kojiki closely or in the distance from many aspects.


He gives Mamaterasu advice on both texts and illustrations.