I didn't like English at all up until I was 20.




She decided to learn English much more seriously when she first visited New Zealand and met her host mother and people there. At that time she was a university student and already 20 years old, which, in general, is said to be kind of late for someone to learn another language.


Right after coming back from New Zealand, she began to teach herself English from scratch everyday and flew to Vancouver to learn more.


She came back from Canada to Japan one year after and worked as a translator at a national university and taught English at a cram school, but gradually she began to feel incomplete about her English.


It was when she was in her late twenties she decided to go back to Canada to pursue her carrier as an English teacher. She took the International TESOL Diploma program at Vancouver community college. In two years, she got the diploma and came back to Japan. After working at an international company in Tokyo, she finally met the chance she had long been waiting for, teaching English at an official educational institute. But in two years, she had to give it up for her childbirth preparations.


In 2010, she came back to her hometown where she would start to teach her son English. But unfortunately all she could find was somewhat different from what she was looking for. Most English materials available for Japanese children were basically based on English-speaking countries. So she decided to create English-Japanese bilingual picture books based on Japanese themes.


In 2011, the Great East Japan Earthquake occurred and Naomi has made up her mind to dedicate her life to change Japan's English education for the sake of Japan. And this is how "Supermom Japan" was finally founded in 2011.