I didn't like English at all up until I became 20.




She decided to learn English when she first visited New Zealand and met her wonderful host mother and people there. At this time she was a university student and already 20 years old (kind of late for someone to learn another language, it is said...).


After coming back from New Zealand, she began to teach herself English from scratch

and flew to Vancouver to learn more.


She came back to Japan one year after and undertook work experience relating English at a national university and a cram school, but inside she kept feeling something incomplete.


So she decided to go back to Canada to pursue the International TESOL Diploma program at Vancouver community college. In two years, she got the diploma and came back to Japan. And she gradually became a visiting lecturer at Cyber university. 


In 2010, she tried to start teaching English to children at her own school.

But all she could find was somewhat different from what she was looking for.


So she decided to create English-Japanese bilingual picture books based on themes of Japan. 


At this point, she already had a clear mind that Japan's English education must be changed for the sake of Japan.


This is how "Supermom Japan" was finally founded in 2011.



- 珠算1級

- 高等学校教諭第一種免許(商業科目全般)

- Vancouver Community College にてInternational TESOL Diploma 修得

(TESOL: Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languagesの略。


- 認定チャイルドマインダー