"I don't like English at all up until I became 20." 


Naomi decided to learn English seriously right after she came back from

her first overseas trip to New Zealand when she was 20 years old. The

people who met there changed her life completely.


After graduation from university, she left for Canada to learn more English.

One year later she came back and worked in a few companies and educational

facilities using English. Gradually she moved onto Tokyo where she got a 

teaching position at Cyber university, Japan's first online university.


In 2010, she came back to her hometown and tried to start her child's bilingual

education, but she couldn't find ideal bilingual materials to use. It was when she

recognized that Japanese lacked English education that nurtures identity as Japanese.


She soon began to write stories based on Japanese mythology for her child to share

with. Then the Great East Japan Earthquake hit the Tohoko region. This pushed her

to make up her mind to realize what's in her minds for years.


"Supermom Japan" is Naomi's original brand that creates English-Japanese educational

materials and does such education based on themes of Japan for children.