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Supermom Japan creates Japan-themed, English-Japanese bilingual picture books and goods.

Bring The Real Japan Home

Our goods are all made in Takamatsu, Japan.

We carefully select domestic ingredients and use only traditional Japanese colors for our products.


If you are looking for something special to bring back home with you from Japan,

we are sure these will be the best for yourself and someone special as gifts and souvenirs.


We are happy to make international deliveries for you.

 Feel free to contact us at supermomjapan@gmail.com for assistance in English. 

Kojiki Picture Cards, Japanese Mythology, Emperors, Gods, Emperor, New Era

Kojiki Picture Cards are used not only in Japan but also in in North America, Europe and Oceania.

Japanese mythology, The Kojiki, English, Bilingual, Picture book, Textbook, learn English

The sequels of the stories in the Kojiki Picture Cards have now completed in these Japanese Mythology Textbooks.

Yatagarasu, Japanese emperor, Japan, calendar, 2022, Koki, Reiwa, Washi

Japan's original calendar "Koki", new era Reiwa, and old national holidays and festival days shown on all pages